From the west to the south
Wrocław and Kraków
In the previous article I mentioned two out of the three main regions that create Polish Silesia, so now it is time to introduce the third one, Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk) and its capital, which is on…
Treasures of Polish Silesia
Katowice and Opole
Besides the world-famous sights of Poland that almost everyone knows, the country has a rich and marvelous history and culture, which means that there is far more to see under the surface. Silesia is …
The Bridge of Destiny
Creative ideas on my staying
During our last supervision by the organization we got a special reflection task to look back to the whole volunteer project and the year we had spent in Czech Republic. The concept was to choose a ti…
Tak dětská, nashledanou!
Thoughts about leaving my project
It is six 'o clock in the morning. I usually feel if the time has come to reflect on what has happened recently, but now it is way more complicated than in general. I am sitting and my mind is full of…
A Symphony of Impressions
Alternatives to end a story
One of the most stereotypical statements says that time passes quickly. I have to admit that although I have already spent here in Czechia more time abroad than ever before, I can definitely feel this…
A City in Bloom
Return to work and miracles of the Czech nature
It may have a lot of different reasons, but still May has always been one of my favourite months. Apart from the fact that this is the period of the year when it is the most visible that everything is…
The hope must go on
Activites for a volunteer during the pandemic
Sometimes our lives can change so suddenly from one day to another one due to unexpected reasons that the situation requires a lot of creativity, patience and the ability to adopt to the new condition…
With Salesians in Silesia
Activities and workshops in the centre
I have already written a lot about the city, the culture, the atmosphere and my relationship with my collegues and the children as well, but I have not summarized yet what exactly I do here. What does…
Discoveries on the road
Meeting the Czech spirit during my trips
Even tough being a European volunteer means a lot of duties and responsibility, it is also important to find other ways to improve your personality and gather new experiences or inspirations. That is …
’A teďka budeme zpívat!’
My personal connection to music in Don Bosco
Playing the guitar has alwasy been a very important part of my life, since I started it at my age of sixteen. The fact that I began it quite late and reached everything almost completely on my own mad…
Ostrava, the city of Christmas
Wonders and fairy tales during the Czech Advent
Christmas is coming in a week, so if there is a thought that can be found within many of us, it is definitely that one. To be honest, during the last few years the holidays did not bring many new expe…
'Prosím tě, mluvíš český?'
Cultural explorations and dealing with Czech
Sometimes I think about the fact that how many coincidences were needed to arrive here in Czech Republic and start to build a new life exactly in this country. Actually, when I was choosing my target …
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