Reaching the gates of Istria
Koper, Piran, Izola
When someone thinks about Slovenia, their first idea is usually associated to snow-white mountains, endless forests, and mystical, medieval castles. However, as I have already mentioned before, this c…
Faraway hills, infinite plains
Kranj and Murska Sobota
I have already mentioned a lot that Slovenia has an extremely great cultural diversity due to the fact that the territory of the country was influenced a lot by neighboring nations in the area. It is …
Legends of an enchanted valley
Castles and lakes in Velenje
During the last two months I had a chance to explore the Eastern part of Slovenia, which mostly included plains, hills, river valleys and a couple of mountains. After becoming familiar with the charac…
Carnival of Novelties
My further trips in Podravska region
We often consider the world around us to be something automatically created and given. Something which has always been and will always be, thus everything we can see and experience is natural and evid…
Strings of the Italian Violin vol. 3.
Rome and its immortal flame
The last string of the violin I would like to introduce is a different memory for me in many terms. While Florence and Venice were both connected to my first stay, the trips to this city were actually…
Strings of the Italian Violin vol. 2.
Venice, Queen of Adria 
In our previous nostalgia adventure I shared my short flashback about Florence that had a special influence on my philosophy regarding traveling and art. However, the two other ‘strings’ of Italy whic…
Strings of the Italian Violin vol. 1.
Florence, a sweet home of arts 
Since Slovenia, where I am staying now, is very close to Italy, a lot of untold impressions and memories are coming back to me. The landscape, the climate, the architecture, the lifestyle and the peop…
Ancient slopes, whispering fields
Pohorje and the Styrian countryside
The real spirit of a country and its people does not always lie within the enormous and spectacular historical monuments, but sometimes it hides in the smooth everydays and the land where it stands. I…
A Journey with The Knights
The castle hill of Celje
After visiting some of the most famous and touristic places in Slovenia, the time has finally come to explore something completely different. Since the beginning, I have been very interested in the la…
Cultural Crossovers Over The Mountains
Magic in Maribor and Ljubljana
Last time I already gave you some of my general impressions about my new life in Slovenia, and we have been to the oldest settlement of the country, the charming and gorgeous little city of Ptuj. This…
The Land of Familiar Unknown
A prelude to Slovenia and visiting Ptuj
As it was Czech Republic two years ago and Poland was last autumn, this year had also been waiting for me with a new adventure in a new country. Somehow I had known for a long time that my path would …
If walls could talk
Rybnik, Będzin, Częstochowa and their historical heritage
There are some essential and obvious signs if you are a real traveller. First of all, you are not interested only in the most crowded and touristic areas, but you tend to find magic, beauty and uniqui…
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