The incredible bays and colors of Costa Blanca vol.2.
Tabarca and Alicante
Last time we had a trip to the never-sleeping holiday town of Benidorm, which is one of the most pupular destinations in Spain, and we also had a short episode at river Júcar. Then, we took a ship fro…
The incredible bays and colors of Costa Blanca vol.1.
Benidorm and Tabarca
Organizing a trip can always have a great variety of factors: of course, motivation, money and personal plans are all important, but one of the most underestimated aspects is called opportunities. The…
Royal majesty in the middle of Castile
Summertime in Madrid vol. 2.
After encountering our first impressions in Madrid, now we have got to a crucial point: by following some straight streets from Plaza Mayor for a while (mainly Calle Mayor), we will see the lovely, bl…
Pure elegance of parks and palaces
Summertime in Madrid vol. 1.
I have mentioned in this blog various times that our prior expactations towards some places we are about to visit can be very different in the reality. Just as with the cinematic adaptations of our fa…
Let there be Fallas!
Meet the intercultural port city of Spain vol.3.
The most iconic cultural complex can be found on the way towards the port of Valencia, a little bit after the green, former riverbed of Turia finishes; actually it is right next to the garden of L'Umb…
History and gastronomy on the Valencian streets
Meet the intercultural port city of Spain vol.2.
It is a little bit of walk, but we just have to leave the direction of Turia behind, go along the street of Carrer de Colón, and we are going to arrive to Mercat de Colón, one of the most important ma…
Benvinguts a València!
Meet the intercultural port city of Spain vol.1.
A city of science, a city of arts, a city of colors and impressions: Valencia, the third largest city of Spain has many different epithets and epic adjectives, and once you visit this place, you will …
The beating heart of the Polish Rzeczpospolita 
Spending the Advent in Warsaw
I mentioned in my last article that apart from my small trips in Silesia, I also experienced a great and unexpected surprise: namely, that I finally had a chance to visit Warsaw, the capital of Poland…
Walking in the medieval Silesia
Legnica, Brzeg, Oława
The cooling temperature of the winter, the deepening crisis of the covid-pandemic and my university duties made it extremely difficult to continue my adventures and visit more of Poland. However, as I…
Last tastes of the Slovenian cream
Sevnica, Bled, Škofja Loka
Probably most of us have a wish list or ‘bucket list’ with the places we would like to visit while going to a new city or country. Some people try to use the given time in order to visit the most popu…
Tales engraved in stones
Celje, Laško, Vurberk, Betnava, Donačka Gora
Sometimes we are in a rush and assume that it is possible to see, experience and understand everything in only a couple of hours. Contemporary tourism marketing makes us think that it is just a matter…
Reaching the gates of Istria
Koper, Piran, Izola
When someone thinks about Slovenia, their first idea is usually associated to snow-white mountains, endless forests, and mystical, medieval castles. However, as I have already mentioned before, this c…
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