The island of myths and the shores of Syracuse
At the feet of Mount Etna vol.3.
Maybe Catania is the second largest city of Sicily, but it is still just a small slice of the whole island. However, if you have some time, it takes less than one hour by train from there to travel to…
The unexpected magic of Catania
At the feet of Mount Etna vol.1.
Almost everyone who likes traveling has their favorite places or countries where they can always return. How many of us has not said at least once things like ‘oh, I could definitely come back there’ …
Five days in Romagna vol.4.
Santarcangelo and San Marino
It is almost an obligatory part of my trips to explore the countryside and travel either to a nearby town or village to experience the everyday life of the people within a region. This time such exper…
Five days in Romagna vol.3.
An artistic tour in Ravenna
The next destination we are going to visit lies to the North from Rimini, and for the lovers of art and history most probably it is as famous as Florance or Venice. It’s been almost six years since I …
Five days in Romagna vol.2.
The medieval and modern vibes of Rimini
Now getting into the contemporary centre of Rimini, close to Augustus’ Arch and along the small shopping streets of the old town, we can discover more of the medieval vibes of the city. As a starter, …
Five days in Romagna vol.1.
A romagnol welcome and the ancient vibes of Rimini
Have you ever had the experience that you needed to cancel a long-awaited trip, but somehow, even many years later, it just found you and happened, as if it was meant to be like that? Well, in fact, i…
Strings of the Italian Violin vol. 3.
Rome and its immortal flame
The last string of the violin I would like to introduce is a different memory for me in many terms. While Florence and Venice were both connected to my first stay, the trips to this city were actually…
Strings of the Italian Violin vol. 2.
Venice, Queen of Adria 
In our previous nostalgia adventure I shared my short flashback about Florence that had a special influence on my philosophy regarding traveling and art. However, the two other ‘strings’ of Italy whic…
Strings of the Italian Violin vol. 1.
Florence, a sweet home of arts 
Since Slovenia, where I am staying now, is very close to Italy, a lot of untold impressions and memories are coming back to me. The landscape, the climate, the architecture, the lifestyle and the peop…
Italian Nostalgia
Bergamo, Palermo, Monreale
There is a very important journey I owe this blog and I have been planning to write about for a long time. The fact that I had the opportunity to travel again in Poland made me to remember the times, …